What is the Backpack Wallet?

Backpack is an innovative crypto wallet.

Backpack is a security conscious crypto wallet for Solana and Ethereum.

  • sending and receiving crypto assets

  • swapping crypto tokens

  • viewing and securing NFTs

  • connecting with Ledger (and other hardware wallets)

  • interacting with xNFTs

Backpack is available as a desktop extension and mobile application on iOS/Android.

Download the Backpack Wallet here.

Backpack is non-custodial.

Backpack is a non-custodial wallet that enables users complete control over their crypto assets.

Additional features of non-custodial wallets include:

  • users own their private keys

  • on-chain transactions in real time

  • wallet recovery process

Backpack is a secure place to store NFTs.

NFT collection locking is a simple mechanism that automatically rejects transaction requests when an NFT is locked in the Backpack Wallet.

Note: Collection locking is currently limited to select projects.

Backpack is home to xNFTs.

xNFTs are decentralized applications that operate within Backpack. The most notable xNFT functions are featured in the Mad Lads collection itself:

  • embedded mint and claim

  • token-gated chats

  • soulbound inventory

  • loyalty rewards

  • ...and many more

Note: xNFTs downloaded from the XNFT Library are temporarily unavailable.

Do you have questions or require further information?

Please reach out to us at: support@backpack.exchange

Do you need immediate support?

Contact the team on the official Telegram channel: https://t.me/BackpackExchangeSupport