What are Mad Lads?


Mad Lads drive the culture of Backpack.

This 10,000 piece art collection lives on the Solana blockchain and is made up of a close knit community of founders, builders, creators and fans from across the Web3 ecosystem.

Mad Lads PFPs are a calling card for engagement. The community has turned into an attention generating machine which dominates social media.

Mad Lads are one of the most engaged attention generating machines in Web3. And it turns out, people want to work with that.

-Armani Ferrante, Backpack co-founder

Collectors of the Mad Lads enjoy an eclectic assortment of traits which highlight scientists who inspired change, iconic pop culture imagery, otherworldly figures packing heat and much more.

Mad Lads are xNFTs (tokenized applications).

Each Mad Lad is also a tokenized application that enables staking for gold coins that are held in a soulbound inventory system

Soulbound means that items in each Mad Lads inventory cannot be transferred and are wholly owned by the holder. 

The inventory system also holds other tokenized applications, NFTs and digital assets.

Mad Lads xNFTs are a proving ground for what functions are possible with Backpack and tokenized assets such as:

  • embedded mint and claim

  • token-gated chats

  • soulbound inventory

  • loyalty rewards

  • collection locking

xNFTs act as a straight forward case study on Anchor framework practices.

Anchor is a widely used framework in the Solana ecosystem that simplifies the process of building Solana programs. It was launched by Backpack founders.

Mad Lads embrace the Fock It mentality.

The Roster is our curated group of performers who dominate in their field and represent the Mad Lads.

They fearlessly venture into uncharted territories, delivering content that captivates audiences beyond Web3.

In an era saturated with content creators, The Roster stands out as a beacon of audacity and originality.

Stunts. Surfing. Foiling. BMX. Motocross. Snowboarding.

Mad Lads broke the internet.

Mad Lads launched on April 20th, 2023 for a mint price 6.9 SOL each. More than 7,000 individuals minted and there are currently 4,000+ holders.

The collection has generated more than 2.1M SOL in trading volume and has established itself as a tent pole brand on Solana.

The mint experience was inundated with hopeful buyers and later described as “the mint that broke the internet” due to the sheer amount of attention and network demand.

Do you have questions or require further information?

Please reach out to us at: support@backpack.exchange.