How do I claim Referral rebates?


Registered Exchange members who onboard KYC'd users with their Referral Code will earn 30% of the trading fees generated by that new user.

If your Referral rebates claim does not process after one day please reach out to Support via email.

We cannot add Referrals to members accounts when new users have already completed KYC process.

If your Referrals turn off their 'Visibility' in Settings then their volume will not appear in your Leaderboard. Their activity is still credited.

Note: Referral rebates are populated once per week. Volume generated by Referrals will not be immediately claimable.

Note: If Referral rebates are less than the minimum withdrawal amount, then fees will be paid out at a later date.

How To Claim Rebates

1) Open the Diamond (💎) menu option in bottom right hand corner.

2) Select The Drop menu option at bottom of popup window.

3) Choose "Claim The Drop"

4) Click on the cryptocurrency that your Rebates were paid out in.

Note: You have to repeat Step #4 for each token.

Troubleshooting Rebate Claim Issues

The most common causes of Referral claim issues:

1) New KYC'd user did not actually sign up correctly using the referral code.

2) Member is calculating volume from Exchange launch. Monitoring of Referral volume began on February 9th, 2024.

3) Member is calculating payout in USD. Referral rebates are paid out in the currency which the volume was generated (e.g. SOL, BONK, WEN,, USDC).

Do you have questions or require further information?

Please reach out to us at: