Collection Locking function secures NFTs


Backpack is a security conscious crypto wallet with built in mechanisms to help protect user assets from malicious attacks.

What is Collection Locking?

Collection Locking is a simple function that automatically rejects transaction requests when an NFT is Locked in the Backpack Wallet.

Anytime an application tries to modify your NFT, Backpack will immediately reject the signature request.

It only works when you use Backpack Wallet exclusively.

If you import a Backpack Wallet into another service provider, NFTs will not be locked in that wallet.

How do I Lock/Unlock a Collection?

Toggle the Locking button inside of a Collection.

Locking needs to be enabled on every device where the Backpack Wallet is installed.

If Locking is on, every NFT in the Collection is Locked.

Note: The Locking button inside of individual NFT view works the same as the Locking button inside of Collection view.

Does Backpack control my NFTs when I use this?

Assets are always under your control.

Backpack Wallet accounts are by permissionless by default, the Wallet does not have any control over your assets.

We do this with

  • no smart contracts

  • no external key infrastructure

Only static analysis on a transaction request, leverage one of the key innovations of the Solana runtime: explicit labeling of the data being read or written to.

-Armani Ferrante

How does it work?

Collection Locking operates on a simple principle.

When a transaction signature is requested, Backpack looks through the “writeable” accounts to see if any of them belong to a Locked NFT collection.

If the collection is Locked, the transaction is rejected.

If my device is compromised, can I still access my NFTs?

Yes, simply import your wallet using your Seed Phrase or Private Key.

You need to enable the feature again if you want to use it.

Please note that this feature needs to be enabled on every device where Backpack is installed.

What Collections can I lock?

We currently support 100+ of the most popular Solana NFT collections.

Do you have questions or require further information?

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