FAQs about the $TNSR claim


The Tensor Adventure began on March 26th and ended on April 6th.

To qualify users had to:

  1. Connect a Backpack Wallet to Tensor and execute at least one trade

  2. Link the Backpack Wallet to Exchange via Questlog

  3. Execute trading volume on the Backpack Exchange


How do I claim my Tensor Adventure rewards?
Visit the Questlog in Backpack Exchange (💎 menu in bottom right hand corner) and complete Claim transaction.

What is the reward for the Tensor Adventure?
$TNSR tokens

Why can't I complete my claim?
Solana network conditions and extreme user demand has resulted in delayed claims, withdrawals and deposits.
All rewards are secured and will be claimable.

Why is my claim option not appearing?
The minimum trading volume for allocation was $35,000USD.
Users also had to complete all steps described above to qualify.

Why is my $TNSR reward not appearing in my Portfolio?
Claims may be delayed due to network congestion.
All claims will be processed and displayed in Portfolio.

Why is my $TNSR reward not appearing in my Wallet?
Claim rewards are distributed to your Exchange account Portfolio.

Do you have questions or require further information?

Please reach out to us at: support@backpack.exchange