Swap tokens in the Backpack Wallet

Token swaps are integrated within the Backpack wallet. The wallet provides a secure environment where users can swap approved tokens.

1) Open your Backpack wallet and navigate to the 'Tokens' tab.

2) Select the 'Swap' button.

3) Choose the tokens you are swapping and enter the amount.

Note: Sending means the tokens will leave your wallet, Receiving means the tokens will enter your wallet.

4) Select the 'Review' button.

5) Select the 'Confirm' button to approve the swap.

6) View updated balances in the 'Tokens' tab.

Do you have questions or require further information?

Please reach out to us at: support@backpack.exchange

Do you need immediate support?

Contact the team on the official Telegram channel: https://t.me/BackpackExchangeSupport