Install xNFT dApps in the Backpack Wallet

xNFTs are tokenized NFTs that function as applications that live inside the Backpack Wallet. Learn how to install xNFT dApps.

Contact support in the Backpack Discord for xNFT assistance.

How to install xNFT dApps

1) Visit the xNFT Library (

2) Select the 'Connect' button and approve the transaction to connect your Backpack wallet

3) Open an xNFT and select the download button

4) Approve the transaction with your Backpack wallet

  • If the transaction is successful than a notification will appear in your browser window.

Note: Ensure that you have enough SOL in your wallet to approve the transaction.

Do you have questions or require further information?

Please reach out to us at:

Do you need immediate support?

Contact the team on the official Telegram channel: