Institutional Account Identity Verification


To ensure the integrity and security of our platform, all institutional customers seeking to trade on Backpack Exchange must complete our Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process.

This guide provides a detailed overview of the required documentation for institutional KYC verification.

Required KYC Documentation for Institutions:

1) Country of Incorporation:

Please specify the country where your institution was incorporated. This will determine specific KYC requirements as they may vary based on jurisdiction.

2) Entity Name:

Provide the full, legal name of your institution.

3) Trading Activities Location:

Indicate from which country or region you expect to conduct trading activities on the Backpack Exchange.

4) Industry Classification:

Indicate the primary industry or sector your company operates in.

5) Phone Number:

Provide a valid contact number for your institution.

6) Company Address:

State the complete physical address of your institution.

7) Company’s Source of Income:

Detail the primary sources of income for your institution (e.g., sales, investments).

8) Incorporation Documents:

Please upload either:

  • Certificate of Incorporation;

  • Articles of Association; or

  • Any other corporate registration documents

9) Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) with ≥ 25% Ownership:

For any UBO owning 25% or more of the entity:

  • Identification: Upload a clear copy of the UBO's national ID or passport.

  • Ownership Attestation: Confirm that there are no other UBOs owning more than 25% of the entity.

10) Corporate Structure Documents:

Please provide one of the following to clarify the corporate structure:

  • Corporate structure chart;

  • Register of shareholders; or

  • Certificate of incumbency


If you have additional documents that you believe will assist in the verification process, please feel free to upload them.

It's vital to ensure that all provided information is accurate and up-to-date.

Incomplete or inaccurate submissions may lead to delays in the verification process.

Please reach out to our support team at if you need further assistance or have questions about the KYC process.