Report Bugs Or Platform Glitches On Backpack Exchange

In this article you will learn how to:

  • Report bugs and platform glitches experienced on the Backpack Exchange.

Reporting bugs or platform glitches on the Backpack Exchange

In our continuous effort to enhance the Backpack Exchange experience, we rely on your feedback.

If you encounter any irregularities or glitches, kindly follow this guide to share your observations.

1) Document the glitch (if possible)

  • Taking a screenshot or a short screen recording can greatly expedite our troubleshooting process.

  • While this isn't mandatory, it provides our technical team with invaluable insights into the issue.

2) Send your report

  • Provide comprehensive information:

    • Clearly describe the observed bug or glitch. Mention the device and browser you were using, steps leading up to the anomaly, and any other pertinent data. Remember, while visuals are beneficial, a detailed description is equally important.

3) Await our feedback

  • Once you've relayed your observations, our team will commence its investigation. You may receive an acknowledgment or a tracking reference, assuring you that we're on the case.

Thank you for contributing to enhancing Backpack Exchange!

Your observations and feedback are crucial in ensuring our platform continues to operate at the highest level possible.

Do you need immediate support?

Contact the team on the official Telegram channel: