What is BODEN? Backpack lists new experimental memecoin


BODEN is a Solana native memecoin that launched in March and quickly became one of the most traded tokens on the blockchain.

Spot trading for BODEN/USDC opens on the Backpack Exchange at 8AM UTC, June 4th 2024.

BODEN, BOME, BONK, MEW, MOTHER IGGY and HABIBI are examples of Solana memecoins.

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BODEN is considered an Experimental Asset

Backpack recently introduced Experimental listings for memecoins, low liquidity tokens and emerging assets.

This innovation allows traders to gain access to emerging crypto assets in a closely monitored environment.

  • Experimental assets are new and emerging assets that are closely monitored by our team and may be removed if not meeting standards

  • Experimental assets added to the Exchange go through same quality check process as others and are monitored even more closely.

View more information about Experimental Listings and FAQs here.

Risk warning: Trading digital assets involves significant risk and may result in the loss of your invested capital. You should ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and take into consideration your level of experience in investment, and seek independent financial advice if necessary.

What is BODEN?

BODEN is a Solana native memecoin that launched on March 26th and quickly became one of the most traded tokens on the blockchain.

BODEN popularity is driven by memes and memecoin culture which spilled over into the real world.

  • Ticker: $BODEN

  • Circulating Supply: 690,325,163

  • Max Supply: 690,325,163

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The founders of BODEN infamously offered an airdrop reward to anyone who created a BODEN sign and pictured themselves with it at a Donald Trump presidential rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Community lingo is incomprehensible and their memes are based, BODEN has a simple mission: Own onli Boden nd be happy

This is framed as a competition with fellow memecoin $TREMP.

What is a memecoin?

Memecoins are highly volatile cryptocurrencies whose popularity is typically driven by advanced crypto traders.

A small group of memecoins gains escape velocity, such as BODEN, and finds itself a part of the more casual crypto community.

Boden the 46th pres of soluna. his jeb is te mäk three hundred trillion million billion dollars, te mäk sulana borderless.

Wez her to unite al ze Solanu memes än bild bak betr thru ze Ber an ze Bull. Mak sur tö kast yur vote for Boden 2024! $Boden is coomunity taekover n all mönies r grasroot. buy $boden if u wunt to laugh and Mek monies.


BODEN gained it's popularity on the back of massive meme campaigns sponsored by the founders as well as a competition with fellow memecoin TREMP.

Trends can come and go, sometimes a crypto may only see activity for a few days before it goes to zero.

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What is Solana?

Solana is a blockchain which gained popularity for it's fast and inexpensive transactions.

This has attracted Paypal, Visa, Shopify and dozens of traditional finance companies to launch their crypto products on Solana.

Solana makes it easy for non-developers to launch token projects and this has led to the rise of Solana Memecoin Season.

BODEN, BOME, BONK, MEW, MOTHER IGGY and HABIBI are all examples of Solana memecoins.

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