FAQs about Volume Matters Phase 3


The Volume Matters Phase 3 quest is live on Backpack Exchange.

  • io.net's IO tokens will be distributed proportionally to volume.

  • All markets are eligible except for USDT/USDC and PRCL/USDC.

  • The snapshot period is from April 23, 7AM UTC to May 5, 7AM UTC.

Your volume matters 🎒


What is the reward for Volume Matters Phase 3?
IO tokens

What markets are eligible?
All markets except USDT/USDC and PRCL/USDC

Do both Maker and Taker volume count?
Yes, both Maker and Taker volume count

What is the snapshot period?
April 23, 7AM UTC to May 5, 7AM UTC.

How do I claim my IO?
Visit the Questlog in Backpack Exchange (💎 menu in bottom right hand corner) and complete Claim transaction when rewards are available.

What is io.net?

io.net is a Solana-native DePIN and AI platform which offers computing and infrastructure for massive AI training models via a global network of GPU power.

They aggregate sources of excess GPU supply to create decentralized clusters in locations around the world with 650K+ GPUs spread across 140 countries.

For any inquiries, please contact support@backpack.exchange or join our Official Support Telegram.